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at Almoster, Catalunya, Spain

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Castellano Catal

Data from a Davis Logo Vantage Pro 2 Wireless Weather Station located at Almoster, Catalunya, Spain.

Station Coordinates are: Latitude: 41 11' 27" N, Longitude: 1 06' 31" E, Elevation: 248 m

Today, 18/11/19, the Sun rises at 6:47 and sets at 16:35 (UTC time). The Moon phase is Moon Phase

Data updated every 60'. Last update at 16:08 UTC. Local time is UTC + 2h in summer and UTC + 1h in winter.
This Month's Highs and Lows Charts
Highest Temperature

Lowest Temperature

23.9 C

2.3 C

Outside Temperature History Barometer History

Outside Humidity History Outside Dewpoint History

Average Wind Speed History Wind Direction History

High Wind Speed History Direction of High Wind History

Total Rain History Evapotranspiration History

Wind Run History Solar Radiation History

High Humidity

Low Humidity

92 %

41 %

High Dew Point

Low Dew Point

15.6 C

-1.1 C

High Wind 99.8 km/hr
High Barometer

Low Barometer

1019.2 hPa

994.7 hPa

High Rain Rate 42.2 mm/hr
Low Wind Chill 0.0 C
High Heat Index 23.9 C
High Solar Radiation 814 W/m
This Year's Highs & Lows
High Temperature

Low Temperature

35.7 C

0.6 C

High Humidity

Low Humidity

95 %

13 %

High Dew Point

Low Dew Point

24.4 C

-17.2 C

High Wind 99.8 km/hr
High Barometer

Low Barometer

1036.4 hPa

989.3 hPa

High Rain Rate 162.2 mm/hr
Low Wind Chill -2.8 C
High Heat Index 38.9 C
High Solar Radiation 1422 W/m